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Boards-Artist: Ty Schafrath – Cyber Optics 1

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  • Name : Mark Simon
  • Category : Storyboards , Ty Schafrath
  • Date : 28.02.2014



  • Name: Mark Simon
  • Phone: 407-370-2673
  • Email:
  • Website:


Storyboard artist, Ty Schafrath. & Storyboards, Inc owner Mark Simon directed this animated pilot, which has won multiple awards. The style of the storytelling was already established in the comic books and we translated that into a compelling and action-driven story.

Ty is one of our artists who boards both live-action and animation productions.

Like most of our artists, he can work long-distance with you, but it’s just like he’s sitting next to you. Using our Storyboard Pro software, our artists share the screen via Skype so you can see what they draw as they sketch in real time. You have instant access to our artists regardless of where your production is.

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