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Looking for more information on storyboarding and animatics? You’ve come to the right spot.

You will find my training videos on using Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro, tips on setting up your Wacom Cintiq Companion, behind the scenes adventures, animatics-to-finals comparisons and a few other treats. Enjoy.


Mark Simontoons

How to Draw Storyboards – The Book

How to Draw Faces – with Facial Expressions – Adults book

Caricatures Using Facial Expressions Book

3D in storyboarding

WUCF Artisodes Short: Mark Simon

Learn Storyboarding at Home

Henry Winkler shares his butt with Mark Simon

Working with Farts – with Mark Simon

Mark Simon animation demo reel

Storyboards: Motion In Art, 3rd Edition book

Little Rascals Save The Day – Storyboard comparison – Dog Walking

Rascals Animated Credits Comparison

How to pitch your project

ABC News on Florida Film incentive

How To Produce Animation with Mark Simonn

Your Resume Sucks, NBC Daytime interview

Florida Film Incentive issues – Thoughts of Mark Simon

Testimonial for Mark Simon’s book Facial Expressions by David Heredia

Wacom Cintiq Companion setup for artists

Tour of Sony Animation studios

Wacom Cintiq – A Day in the Life of a Storyboard Artist

Drawing a quick caricature on a Cintiq

Time Lapse, PBS Artisodes shoot with Mark Simon

Animation Progression

Rub A535 commercial Storyboard Comparison

Magic City Storyboard Comparison

Storyboard to live-action comparison – Visit Orlando spot

You’re Next, Ax scene storyboard comparison

Disney Nahtazu storyboard comparison

The Key – Animation to Animatic Comparison

You’re Next Trailer-Animatic comparison – Behind The Scenes

Wendell & Stumpy

ColdEeze live action spot

ColdEeze animated commercial

Scary Things – Animation

Mark Simon Emmy for Storyboard Pro software

Suburban Cinderella

Brett Favre storyboard comparison

Pancake Art – Cartoons

All of the People Music Video Trailer