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are animated video storyboards. Think of them as taking the art of storytelling a step beyond storyboards; breathing life into drawings through motion and sound. In the past, animatics have benn most commonly used for a host of production and marketing-related applications, such as commercials, sales pitches, special effects previews, bumpers, market testing, promos, show opens. However, with the real-time availability of production animatics, we’re using them in features, TV series and commercial production work as well.

We specialize in quick production animatics. We use the new Toonboom Storyboard Pro software to deliver animatics virtually as fast as we can draw. We can cut the production time for animatics in less than half. Below is brief intro to our real-time production animatics along with a demo of various styles.

Some videos here

The sample below was produced for the movie The Day The Music Died, the story about the 50’s rocker the Big Bopper. We boarded to the music and built the animatic in real time. This was used not only for production, but for raising funds. (Roll-over the image above for the Play options) The animatic below was produced so fast we never showed the client the storyboards. By the time we finished the boards, the animatic was complete. It saved a tremendous amount of time in approvals. You can also compare that to the finished spot below. (Don’t worry though, the software also outputs printable boards)