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Set illustration, caricatures, concept art, comics and more.


Video storyboards using our Emmy-winning software. Virtually real-time animatics!


Production and presentation boards with over 3,500 credits.

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  • Dr Paul Jacobson 18.11.2015

    You (Mark) never cease to amaze me. Your dedication and focused attention to your clients needs is tantamount to knock-your-socks-off superior level of service.

  • Jim Pratt – Producer/Director (The Machine Stops) 18.11.2015

    I get the chills when I watch the animatic and finished animation of our music video, because of what we all accomplished together as a team. It started as a vision in my head. A video concept that could never be done with live action, and you and the team you assembled, not only helped me achieve it, but you brought the extra A-game that separates the great from the good.

  • Alex Zamm – Director (Hong Kong Phooey feature for Warner Bros.) 18.11.2015

    Wow! Looks great Mark!!! Thanks for doing such an amazing job on the boards and animatic!!!! Can’t wait to shoot it.

  • Curtis Sponsler – Creative Director, Owner (AniMill) 18.11.2015

    Beautimus Maximus!

  • Rhett Wickham – Head of Creative Development (INK!) 18.11.2015

    I’ve worked with any number of very fine story artists, animators, and visual development artists, and Alex (Saviuk) is easily among the top creative collaborators with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. Alex has a unique visual intelligence and an exceptionally strong work ethic.Alex is first and foremost a talented artist with a high level of inventiveness and creativity.

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