Storyboard & Animatics, Inc.

Working With You

We provide you with fantastic production storyboards and animatics produced the way Mark Simon, the godfather of storyboarding, wants them provided.

Due to the Corona Virus, productions are having to change the way we work. Our virtual storyboarding allows you to get the storyboards you need while still maintaining a safe social distancing. Our artists are also trained in how to work with you real-time from anywhere in the world using the latest in hardware and storyboard software, which Mark helped develop.

If you prefer, we have artists who can work with you on site in Atlanta, Orlando, Daytona and Los Angeles.

Using the streaming video, we can connect with you via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout and you can see our storyboards sketched live on your computer live as we work. It’s just as good as being with you, but it’s safer, no one has to travel and you have instant access to us at all times.

Check out the video on this page. You will discover in just a couple of minutes how fast and powerful our virtual storyboarding is. Once you try it, you’ll never look back.
Contact us now at or Call Us 321-217-1254.