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are animated video storyboards. We add motion, camera moves and audio to bring storyboards to life – and we do it in real-time as we draw. No longer do you have to wait as an artist and editor use 4 different softwares to create cool animatics. We do it all in one master software, Storyboard Pro. Directors love it – they can instantly get a feel for the flow and the edit. There is no better way to work. We have even changed the way they previz the hit series The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead storyboard comparison
The Walking Dead is the biggest drama on TV. It’s a worldwide sensation. Mark Simon has brought animatics to the production to help the directors perfect their edit before a frame of film is shot. Here you can see how closely the finished edit from the season 9 premiere is to the storyboards and animatic. Executive producer and director Greg Nicotero has choice words for working with Mark and these cool animatics, “Freakin amazing work!”

Mark Simon storyboards on The Talking Dead
The Talking Dead is Chris Hardwick’s talk show about The Walking Dead. Mark and his storyboards have been profiled a number of times on the show. In Season 10, Episode 5, they showcase Mark’s storyboards and animatics again in a great scene with fan-favorite Negan.

Mark Simon’s demo reel
Chucky is a creepy little doll. Moving the camera and characters in the drawings helped writer/director Don Mancini realize his vision. Mark quickly built a 3D version of the main set so he and Don could move through it virtually and pick the right shots. All this was still possible in the tight schedule on a low budget horror movie with the way we work. Check out this storyboard comparison to the final edit.

Mark Simon’s demo reel
We specialize in production animatics for both live action and animation.We have over 4,000 production credits. We use the Storyboard Pro software to create animatics real time as we board. Mark worked the development team on the software and created the training program for the software.

You’re Next Storyboard Comparison
Mark produced the boards and animatics for Lionsgate’s horror movie, You’re Next. Mark worked long distance on the movie, using Skype and drew digitally with Storyboard Pro. Using Skype, director Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs Kong) could watch Mark draw in real time.

Tooth Fairy 2 storyboard to animation comparison
Mark was the story artist on Tooth Fairy 2 for Fox. He boarded both the live-action and the animation. He was also the animation producer for the movie. This video shows the 4 stages of production from boarding, to adding the boards to live-action stills, the raw animation and then the final composite.

3D Moves on 2D Storyboards
We can now add 3D objects and 3D camera moves to our classic hand-drawn 2D storyboards and animatics. We have the best of both worlds, and no one knows the software better than us. (we even produce the training videos of it for

Toyota commercial, storyboards to final comparison
Mark Simon drew these boards for a series of Toyota commercials. The boards are incredibly close to the finished product. Mark had access to the actual location photos when working with the director.

The Key – Anime animatic
Mark wrote and directed the short below for Toon Boom to profile everything their storyboard and animation softwares can do. Our animatic blew them away. It was then sent to Korea for the final animation

The Key – Animation to Animatic Comparison
Mark Simon wrote, directed and boarded this short film for Toon Boom Animation, called The Key. It’s about a grandfather and his grandson both wanting to take the car out for the night. The animation, like many projects, was produced overseas. The frame-accurate animatic made the animation process smooth as glass. No more timing issues. Check out this cool project.

The animatic below was produced so fast we never showed the client the storyboards. By the time we finished the boards, the animatic was complete. It saved a tremendous amount of time in approvals. You can also compare that to the finished spot below. (Don’t worry though, the software also outputs printable boards)

Tiger Checking – Wallpaper animatic

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro with Mark Simon Part 4
Mark Simon, our owner, produced many of the training videos for Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro software. We use this software for both live-action and animation projects. You can watch one of the training videos below.

Storyboard to live-action comparison – Visit Orlando spot
A commercial for Visit Orlando. Mark Simon drew the boards and provided the director with a real-time animatic as they worked.

Little Rascals – Opening Credits
Mark Simon boarded the live-action Universal movie, Little Rascals Save The Day. It was his fourth project with director Alex Zamm. Mark also produced the animated opening credits. Here’s the comparison of our animatic and final animation. Once we had the animatic approved, the timings were perfect. We exported from Storyboard Pro directly into Toon Boom’s Animate and all the timings and camera moves were perfect. Gotta love it when technology makes our work easier.

Little Rascals – Golf
Boarding a live-action film, like Universal’s Little Rascals Save The Day, can save production a huge amount of money. The director, Alex Zamm, and board artist Mark Simon worked out the shots on a number of action sequences. They had big plans for the golf sequence. Bigger plans than the budget allowed. Editing the boards was faster and cheaper than shooting all the effects which would have taken the movie over budget. Here, you get to see the original sequence as planned, and what was eventually redesigned and produced.

Rub A535 commercial Storyboard Comparison
One of Mark’s favorite comedians is Colin Mochrie, known for his time on Who’s Line Is It Anyway. Colin was lucky enough to work with Mark on this spot for the worst-named product around, Rub-A-35. Here’s the comparison of Mark’s boards to the final spot.

Luke and Reece Save The World
Jeanne Simon created this animated series, Luke and Reece Save The World. Mark Simon wrote and directed this pilot animatic used for pitching the series. No need to produce finished animation any more. Now we pitch we these awesome animatics, which is preferred by network execs. It’s faster, cheaper and easier for execs to feel they can make changes. We also handled all the final audio. Boards by Willie Castro and Mark Simon.
If you have an animation to pitch, we can help.

Cyber Optics
Cyber Optics started as a great comic book by creator Kathy Messick. She hired Mark Simon to direct the pilot for her proposed series. You lucky dogs get to see the four steps of production, from animatics to rough animation, color pass and final animation with effects.

Disney Nahtazu storyboard comparison
The most misspelled commercial Mark Simon has every worked on, Nahtazu (or Nahtahzhu)(get it..not-a-zoo) was a cool spot produced by Alpha Wolf Productions for the Disney World Animal Kingdom. Mark drew the original concept boards working with Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative. (we’ve worked on over 350 Disney spots) He then worked with Alpha Wolf to draw the directors’ boards. There are some really cool camera tricks and it was really important to properly design the shots to work together.

Magic City
The hit Starz series, Magic City, was shot in Miami, and was about the Miami mob in 1959. Mark only had a day to board a number of sequences, but was able to provide the director with animatics anyway. This sequence is the last 5 minutes of the series premiere. Due to the tight schedule, Mark used only thumbnails for the animatics, yet they still work great.

Little Rascals, Treehouse
Mark Simon boarded quite a few sequences in the new Little Rascals Save the Day movie. Have you noticed how more movies have scenes during the end credits to keep you butt in the seat? This is one of them. The bad guys have a problem with their tree house and we get to enjoy it while everyone misses the names of the people who worked so hard on the movie.