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  • Date : 24.03.2014



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Jeanne Simon created the series Luke and Reece Save the World based on stories she used to tell her twin boys, Luke and Reece. We designed the characters of Luke and Reece, toddlers who use their ninja skills to protect their mother from dangers only they can see. The boys are fun, but we love the design of Dimitri, the villain with an accent we can’t quite place.

Jeanne Simon created this animated series, Luke and Reece Save The World. Mark Simon wrote and directed this pilot animatic used for pitching the series. No need to produce finished animation any more. Now we pitch we these awesome animatics, which is preferred by network execs. It’s faster, cheaper and easier for execs to feel they can make changes. We also handled all the final audio. Boards by Willie Castro and Mark Simon.
If you have an animation to pitch, we can help.

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