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STORY ARTIST: Aidan Casserly – Stanley And Moofa


Name: Mark Simon
Phone: 321-217-1254


Stanley and Moofa was created by Lisa M. Horn. The pilot was written by Lisa with Mark Simon and A. Wayne Carter. Mark directed the pilot and oversaw the boards by our Aidan Casserly. Lisa is another client who loves to work with us long distance using our Skype/Storyboard Pro software combo. She gets to work with the best without any of the time or expense of travel normally needed to work with out-of-town story artists. Lisa also loved having the animatic for her pitches. Here’s her response: “WOW! I never knew how much more attention I would get using an animatic when pitching networks and production companies. For the last few years, I’ve gone to Kidscreen with treatments and printed visuals but it wasn’t enough for execs to see what I was really talking about! Using an animatic, they could really see the pace and timing used with the characters. It also showed the relationships between the characters. Execs loved watching my animatic! They were able to understand the humor I was trying to convey that wasn’t getting to them through paper. Thanks, Mark for helping me put my visions into video! Watching my characters come alive is so exciting!”

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